Meet New Qards

We are literally surrounded by complicated things which we need be able to figure out. We use complicated technology, play complicated instruments, and seems like we even start thinking in a more complicated way. Creating even a simple website has become a hard task. Developing Qards we started thinking about the essence of creating a website, when you want to tell about your product in a beautiful way, while not digging in complex editors with a large amount of functions. But less is more. We know that you want to do simple things in a simple way. Today we are a step closer to our goal. We are making Qards better, easier and more convenient. Meet New Qards.

  • Drag & Drop Builder

    Build your own page layout using pre designed blocks which you can adjust to your taste, creating new variations of websites.

  • Work Better & Faster

    We have completely redesigned Qards, optimized the code, added new functionality and improved the interface.

  • Beautiful Sites

    Our goal is to give you the opportunity to create a cool site without having programming or design knowledge.


More than 70 million people have chose WordPress as an open source CMS for their site or blog. You know why? With a couple clicks you can set up WordPress, add a theme to it and use it for your project. You also get the options to use themes and plugins developed by the huge WordPress community. If you have requirements like MailChimp integration, Like/Share Buttons or anything else, consider it done with just a couple clicks, using plugins which seriously broaden the capabilities of the system.

We have spiced up the process of site created on WordPress and now you have a completely new fun and simple experience. Qards together with WordPress gives you the ability to create your future web page yourself, using visual drag&drop editor. Simply choose from pre designed cards and components, and easily create a beautiful and responsive website. You can use Qards to create a website for your startup, a blog, a photo story, a case study… anything you like! No coding needed - just get creative right away. And the coolest part is that it’s as easy as typing an email. You have to try it yourself to understand it!

  • New Features

    Release v1.1 is a huge and global update with new useful features. We have redesigned Qard pretty much from zero for you to be able to do things you couldn’t imagine before. Completely new components Grid, Text, Cover, Feature, which will help you tell your story in a very cool way! You can also integrate pages created with Qards to your blog or website. All of this looks even cooler now and works even faster. New Qards is full of new features that will make for a better experience.

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New Cover

Usually this component starts a new web page. Cover will now have the possibility to change the layout on the fly, image drag&drop, a new color/opacity widget. You can also use thousands of amazingly creative commons video as a background for Cover. This component will look even better when you put your story in it.

  • Video Background

    Cover supports background videos. You can choose any of the millions of videos on youtube and diversify the presentation of your content.

  • Drag & Drop

    If you like drag&drop experience to upload your lovely photos, be sure to use it. It will save you a lot of time! And it’s fun too ;)

  • Flexible Layout

    You can select the position for your text, enable or disable any elements. You are in full control of the new Cover.


Be the Master of your Feature

We use the component Feature, when we want to tell about any features of our product. In the new version of this component you can use videos to make your story louder and cooler! Or you can change the background of the whole component to characterize its look. As a background, you will be able to set color, gradient or an image. Just imagine all the cool variations of this component you will be able to get with this Feature. Now you have all creative possibilities to make something cool!

  • Flexible Background

    We have enabled you to use whatever you want as your background. Now everything depends on your imagination!

  • Change Layout on the Fly

    You can set the image alignment and size, as well as disable any extra elements of the layout.

  • Use Youtube Video

    Be sure to use a video to tell about your product. Sometimes videos are better than any words.


New Image

We have made a lot of noise even for Image! Now you can easily add images using drag&drop, change the layout of the uploaded photos, label them and add links. Use the power of photos in your projects.

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag images inside the component to faster create a photo story!

  • Change Layout

    With only a click you can see in which size your photo looks better.

  • Image Preview

    We added an option to see a full preview of small images.

  • Tell Your Story with Text

    We paid a lot of attention to the new text component that will help you talk about your product or even about yourself. This is a totally new experience working with text in Qards.

  • Name
  • It's Smart

    We constantly improve Text and every time you create a new paragraph, it better understands what you want.

  • Nice Details

    You can align your text, use the new color picker and tell your unique story in a useful text editor!

  • Heading Styles

    You can use the Heading Styles to set the selected piece of text as a header. We now have: H1, H2 and Hero Text.

  • Name

  • Powerful Grid

    In Qards 1.1 you will find a completely new approach to editing Grid items. There are a lot of time-saving features to add new elements or change the layout of the whole component. Use the new Grid as a list of crew members, company logos, steps to a recipe, list of features of your product and an additional menu. We love seeing the different ways you use Qards to fit your needs. More fun, useful, and surprising ways to use Grid.

  • Drag & Drop Builder

    Build your own page layout using pre designed blocks which you can adjust to your taste, creating new variations of websites.

  • Work Better & Faster

    We have completely redesigned Qards, optimized the code, added new functionality and improved the interface.

  • Beautiful Sites

    Our goal is to give you the opportunity to create a cool site without having programming or design knowledge.

  • We Love our Developers

    We like the inquisitive minds of the developers using Qards for their projects. Over several months we have received a lot of comments to improve Qards and continue to receive them. We are grateful for your time and for your attention to our product and we are delighted that our product is formed around a community of smart developers and designers. We have made a handy "Code Pen" HTML / CSS Editor for your convenience. When you change the CSS code component, you can still use the power of the visual editor and the widgets. And you can see a Live Preview of your component in the right panel. Qards is getting better!

  • Name

Fits Your Needs

You can be a developer of your own app, or you can be a CEO of a startup which needs investment and you need to present your product. Or maybe you are an agency making sites for your clients. Or you are a studio that wants to impress with another sharp case study and you need a platform to show it in the best way possible. In reality, you can be anyone, we just want Qards to help you with your goals: making a site which will impress your users, without spending too much time and money and using a convenient platform without digging into a bunch of books.

  • Money Economy

    We spent a lot of time designing our beautiful components, perfect responsive system a bunch of other things you don’t have to worry about. You can save a lot of money on the design and the code, which you can spend developing your own product.

  • Save Time

    You focus on content, the purpose of your website and the story you want to tell. Leave the rest to us. With Qards you can save weeks worth of work for a designer and a coder.

  • Surprise Investors

    In no time, you can update a project’s appearance before showing it to your investors, avoiding grey, boring prototypes. With Qards you can tell your startup idea in a fast and beautiful way.

  • Good Bye Old Templates

    More than 80% of people using ready-made themes still completely customize them, spending weeks worth of work to reach the desired result. With Qards you can build your own page layout. Now you’re in complete control.

  • Startup. Blog. Case Study. Story

    Everyday Qards is chosen by hundreds of new people and use it for various projects. Try it yourself and find out why we love this product so much.

  • New Experience for Blogging

    Make promo posts and long reads, just like big websites do, such as The New York Times. Impress your readers with beautiful articles!


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The presentation you see is created using Qards and it will tell you about our product better than words. We are happy to make Qards better, faster and more stable every day. Thank you for your support and welcome to the club!

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